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PRÄWEMA SynchroSkiver

– New cycle time dimensions through combined use of technologies

The new PRÄWEMA SynchroSkiver
PRÄWEMA SynchroSkiver

Through a combined use of the technologies deburring, tapering, backing as well as the high efficient gear cutting method Power Skiving in one machine, the new PRÄWEMA SynchroSkiver offers users new dimensions for cycle times. Two newly developed 5-axis milling towers and an optimised gear cutting module for use of the highly efficient Power Skiving technology are at the heart of the new machine.

Ideally suited for synchronous parts of vehicle gearboxes such as sliding couplings, most of the green machining of the workpiece can now be done in only one single clamping. Depending on the requirement, further machining modules and a wide range of different automation solutions can be added. Short travel paths permit short cycle times. This is achieved by means of central loading via a transport shuttle and machining units set out to the right and left of this. Alternatively and for even more output, the PRÄWEMA machine can be equipped with a second workpiece spindle.

The new PRÄWEMA SynchroSkiver in pictures:

Power Skiving
Short travel paths for short cycle times


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Brochure "PRÄWEMA Synchro Skiver"

Brochure "PRÄWEMA Synchro Skiver"