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Gear Honing for gears and shafts

PRÄWEMA power honing of gearing is an extremely precise and economical method used for the hard machining and finishing of external gearing up to a reference diameter of approx. 150 mm. The dressable vitrified-bonded honing rings and directly driven tool and workpiece spindles make a high removal rate possible and guarantee extremely precise machining.

The honing technology permits machining at a very small axis cross angle, even allowing components with gearing with a constraining contour to be machined very efficiently. Another major advantage is the offset-free machining or the integration of a specific offset in profile and flank modifications. Thanks to the low cutting speeds, no overheating occurs during the honing process.

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Synchrofine 205 HS (W)


  • Short process chain for optimum efficiency
  • Gear quality comparable to grinding results
  • Machining results depend on quality of preliminary machining

  • Short cycle times for superior process reliability
  • Universal possibilities for using this process for straight and helical gears, shafts and wheels.

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Synchrofine 205 HS (W)
Machine concept

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SynchroFine® 205 HS – (W) high performance gear honing machine

In terms of the static and dynamic characteristics, the honing process places higher requirements on machine construction than any other machining process. For this reason superfluous axes were already eliminated on the predecessor model.

The “SynchroFine® 205 HS” represents a consistent advancement of this concept. The result is the familiar PRÄWEMA honing quality. The directly driven, digitally controlled spindles for tool and workpiece form the heart of the machine.

In combination with the high drive power installed, this allows extremely precise and rigid coupling between the tool and workpiece even at the highest speeds. The entire machine rests on a natural granite bed and the workpiece spindle is positioned on a separate granite support to minimize vibration and temperature influences. The X and Z axes are equipped with linear motors on the SynchroFine® 205 HS. This ensures higher dynamics for even better machining quality while simultaneously reducing the cycle times.

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