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Green Finisher


  • Shorter through-put times
  • Lower space requirement
  • Lower procurement costs
  • Higher precision
  • Greater flexibility
  • Complete production from one company
  • Unbeatable efficiency

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machine concept

Green Finisher
Machine concept

machine description

GreenFinisher® - the machine for complete gear production

The PRÄWEMA GreenFinisher® combines the machining processes of turning, gear hobbing and deburring, and, where required, milling or drilling, in one machine. This makes it possible to realize all production stages from casting to hardening in the GreenFinisher®.

Synchroform (V)


  • Combined processes from one company
  • High precision and flexibility
  • Vertical and horizontal spindle alignment
  • Modular design for optimum customer benefit

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Synchroform (V)
Machine concept

machine description

SynchroForm(V)® gear hobbing machine

The modular design of the SynchroForm V machine allows it to be adapted for the production of geared drive components. Set up as a single or twin spindle machine, it excels in series production with extremely profitable cycle times and high-precision machining results. Efficient complete machining in all areas of gearing in soft and hard fine machining can be achieved using the various technology modules.

Your advantages:

  • Versatile range of technologies for precise soft and hard fine machining
  • Equipped with either one or two workpiece spindles to match unit requirements
  • Efficient complete gearing machining of drive components



attendant technologies


The machining of tooth edges has been one of Präwema’s main areas of expertise for decades. The following methods are available for both external and internal gearing:
  • Continual milling process with synchronised tool and workpiece spindles using tools with 1 or 2 cutting edges.
  • Präwema HSP (High Speed Pointing) shaping milling in the single-indexing method, using tools with 1 or 2 cutting edges.
  • Classical rounding off method using end mills.
The first of the above two methods can be combined (e.g. for projecting and recessed teeth on the workpiece). The machines are delivered in a vertical or horizontal design depending on requirements.

Fly cutting

Unlike traditional gearing milling machines, tapered and straight external gearing can be produced efficiently using the fly cutting method too.Multiple-edged milling shaped indexable inserts with rough and finish cutter are used as tools.


Hobbing is the most efficient variant for producing gearing.  PRÄWEMA offers hobbing for involute, spline and coupling gearing up to module size 5. PRÄWEMA hobbing machines are delivered in a vertical or horizontal design depending on the requirement profile. The compact machine set-up, thermal stability and extremely precise, in-house manufactured clamping agents guarantee maximum precision. The modular design of the DVS machines easily makes single- and twin-spindle variants or even combination options with other technologies possible depending on customer wishes. Users can also choose between dry or wet milling, since PRÄWEMA machines have been designed for both types of machining. Changes to the machining strategy can also be realised quickly and without a great deal of fuss!


The PRÄWEMA complete gearing machines Green- and HardFinisher® integrate turning or hard turning for the machining of bore and outer diameters as well as faces. In addition, PRÄWEMA offers several solutions for the use of turning operations in a gearing machine. For example for the turning of inner or outer diameters for high-precision clamping for downstream operations, for turning operations for the removal or residual burr from previous milling jobs or for the incorporation of groove recesses.

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