DVS Group

Job order production


Quality cannot be measured in, it has to be produced...


We are dedicated to this principle for producing parts using state-of-the-art machining processes.

To meet the requirements of our customers, our CNC machining centers and CNC lathes are all state-of-the-art.


Our machinery


We use the following machines for machining stainless steels and special steels as well as all cast materials, lathing and milling operations:

Maschine typeNameWorkpiece sizeXYZ
CNC-turning machineMax-Müller MDW 7Ø700, length 200
Ø500, length 400
Ø300, length 1750
CNC-turning machineNEF 560Ø250, Länge 750300-800
CNC-turning machineHEID S200Ø180, length 750800-300
CNC-Vertical turning machinePittler PV 1250Ø1250, length 8001250-800
CNC-vertical turning machinePittler PV 1250 /1-1YØ1250, length 8001250600900
CNC-Vertical turning machinePittler PV SL2Ø300, length 200920-200
cone point - turning latheBöhringer VDF DUE 560Ø560, length 250
Ø350, length 2000
circular grinderNaxos Union RU 400Ø400, length 1500500-1500
circular grinderNaxos Union RU 250Ø250, length 1000350-1000
flat circular grinderFR 1400Ø1400, length 500, 990x990x500-500-
flat circular grinderBlohm HFS 9900x300x350900300350
CNC-milling machineDMU 125P1250x800x8001000800800
CNC-milling machineMH1000C1000x800x6001000560800
CNC-milling machineDMU80P800x800x800800800800
CNC-milling machineDMC35M350x230x250350230300
portal milling machinePittler PFM 16008200x4000x160082005801600
stand drilling machineECOCUT 1.3 TDV2500x2300x1350250013502300
radial drilling machineDonau DR40 Digi2000x800x16001250800200
measuring machine
Mitutoyo Euro - C91661500x800x6009006001600
hard sawingKastotwin A4400x400x6000-410-
flame cutting machine
Corta - KS2000x1000x1002000-1000



Our products

Machine construction: We produce complex single parts and large series, assemblies and complete units on our state-of-the-art CNC milling machines and lathes.


  • Turning, milling, drilling, grinding
  • Precision parts in single or mass production including stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, etc.
  • Use of state-of-the-art CNC controlled machines and programming systems
  • Machining centers, including 5-side machining (horizontal/vertical), four axes



Gear production

  • from module 0.5 to module 32
  • max grinding diameter 50mm to 2000mm
  • Accuracy up to IT2

Gear production from material procurement and preliminary tooth machining to hardening, cylindrical grinding and final tooth grinding.

Manufacture and production in combination with DVS Innovation GmbH.

Quality control

Climatic measuring chamber

CNC controlled portal measuring machine
Zeiss 3D - portal measuring machine MC550:
x=550 mm, y=1200 mm, z=445 mm

Wenzel LH 1512 gear measuring machine:
x=1500 mm, y=2500 mm, z=1200 mm
Gears up to 1700 mm

Two gear measuring centers from Klingelnberg for gears up to 350 mm

  • Receiving inspection
  • Process control
  • Individual inspection conventional or
  • with 3-D measuring machine
  • Systematic assembly control
  • All tests can be logged to meet customer requirements

We use a quality management system in compliance with DIN ISO 9001.