DVS Group

Cam production


Calculation and production of high quality and precision control cams for:



  • All Swiss, revolver and multiple spindle lathes
  • All machines for the textile, assembly and packaging industry
  • All handling devices, indexing tables and stepping gears


Our qualified consultation services cover all questions regarding


  • Material selection
  • Material treatment
  • Calculation and data collection
  • Special processing including surface treatment and procurement of standard parts



Cam production


We produce cams according to your drawings and also offer consulting services for design and technical production. These services are supported by our cooperation with universities.

Production line


Our production line includes cams for stepping gears, cylindrical cams, complementary cams, axial cams, radial cams, cylindrical bead cams, reversing thread cams, cams for gears with external cams, internal cams, grooved cams, fin cams, double cams and globoid cams.

Our CNC cam milling and grinding machines


These machines were produced by Präwema and subject to continuous maintenance to ensure that they always meet the state-of-the-art. All mathematical laws pertaining to cams and specified in VDI 2143 are available on these machines. Transfer functions deviating from this standard can also be produced on the Präwema cam milling machines after incremental analysis.

Our machinery

Globoid camsKFG 500


KFH 600


KFV 600