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Präwema Vario Speed Dressing

Extend service lives. Reduce tool costs. Increase flexibility.

The honing of gearing teeth is the last operation in the process chain of component machining before the gearbox is fitted. In the past, short-term modifications to the geometry of geared components meant that a new dressing tool had to be manufactured first. Due to the lead time required for such complex dressing tools, a delay in start of production had to be accepted.

Smooth adaptation of micro-geometry

With the development of VarioSpeedDressing® (VSD) any modifications to the micro-geometry of gearing can be carried out at short notice using a specially developed and patented PRÄWEMA tool dressing tool.

A new dressing tool no longer has to be made. Modifications to the component micro-geometry can simply be programmed using the machine software, allowing the same dressing tool to be used. A new, optimised gearing micro-geometry is made by means of a new dressing process.

Reduce tool costs

Preliminary gearing no longer necessary

The purchase of honing rings with preliminary gearing is no longer necessary. Even non-geared honing tools can be machine with the required gearing thanks to the VSD dressing tool.

Create individual offset

Individual offset can be created if necessary (see diagrams).


These results are all possible with only one dressing tool:

Without offset
Gearing with individual offset

The advantages of VSD technology at a glance:

  • Flexible adaptation of gearing geometry
  • Extension of tool service lives
  • Reduction of tool costs
  • No purchase of honing rings with preliminary gearing necessary


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